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Processing life through art has been such a gift for me.

I was feeling drained, upset, and exhausted last spring, so I took some time off.

My mother-in-law had just died and I needed time to process this sad event. For two months I was feeling drained, upset and exhausted. I didn’t know what would come next.

I’ve spent my whole life feeling ‘different'. I just wanted to be ’normal’. I felt different  or odd but also knew that I am normal and that I like the aspects of myself that are different. As a senior citizen, I acknowledge that we all have peculiarities that make us each unique in our own way.

I wanted to rest, recharge; I was feeling burnt out and my husband and I hadn't had a vacation since pre covid.I had spent the last 4 or more years working hard on my business without taking a break.

I started  thinking about how thankful I am that art has  been such a gift for me. I had two months of growth and healing. I was upset but knew that after the pain, comes a new beginning. I was not stuck there and because I could grow as an artist and art therapist, I knew I could grow as a person too. 

Art is a gift God gave me.It makes me different. I have tools to process coping strategies and can get past my feelings of powerlessness, vulnerability and fear. I don’t have to stay safe all the time but by being brave I achieve strength and happiness. 

I  never doubted my ability to heal. I did have a little anxiety but I knew I  would move forward with my life. I’m thankful for my work as an artist and art therapist. I feel humble to be able to learn and  grow so much.

I know art therapy can help you, too.

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