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“The thoughts we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives."​

-Louise Hay

Paint Your Destiny Offers Non-clinical art therapy and Life Coaching for retirees - on line or in person.


About Ellen

Who am I? My name is Ellen Bucciarelli.  I am a licensed, registered, certified, non-clinical Art Therapist and Certified Professional Life Coach specializing in transitions and retirement.    I am an artist, cellist and writer who finds joy helping others find their way. I love working in watercolors, since it relaxes me, gives me a sense of freedom, and helps me express my feelings. I challenge myself by continuously setting new goals to work towards, which gives me the opportunity to grow and support my dreams. 

“Animal-assisted therapy can reduce pain and anxiety in people

with a range of health problems.”

-Mayo Clinic

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Maggie, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and I are a retired Therapy dog team.  

“Paint Your Destiny”  offers non clinical, online or in person professional Art Therapy, life coaching and consulting in the areas of transition and retirement.  I am here to help you.   

With retirement around the corner, are you afraid of isolating, having too much time on your hands, or feeling lost, and alone with unstructured days? Are you looking for growth, change and motivation to move forward with your life? Do you need a hobby, volunteer work or new social life? Are you anticipating missing your coworkers and old life? Friends are so important.

If you are making a transition in your life, and  unsure of where you are headed, we'll reevaluate your life. You’ll find confidence, will practice self care and the freedom to love yourself.


Art is relaxing. It can release and reduce stress as well as improve self esteem and self confidence. Therapeutic art can improve mood and social and communication skills. Art therapy and the creative process enables you  to express yourself with artwork. 


While "art psychotherapy" focuses more on the verbal exchange during a session, art as therapy  places more emphasis on the process of creating. As your guide I provide a safe space to  discuss your thoughts and feelings. Moments of catharsis, discovery and enlightenment often happen spontaneously through art making. My goal is to provide you with that pathway. You can expect me to help you stay focused, on track and accountable.

I offer packages of  12 weeks or more through whatever materials you have available (I can provide you with a list of suggestions).  No artistic background is required.


We all need art to feel fulfilled. Both art therapy and life coaching together or on their own can help you to reach a new level of awareness while making lasting changes and attaining your goals.

Whatever your goals, I’m right there with you and you’re right where you’re meant to be. Let’s start moving forward together today!

I am an ACC (Associate Certified Coach),  CPC (Certified Professional Coach)  and ELI-MP (Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner) certified by the the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), specializing in life transition and retirement coaching.

I am a licensed Art Therapist, ATR-BC, who has been practicing for nearly 30 years, with a Master’s degree in Art Therapy.  I also hold a Masters degree in Teaching in Art for grades K-12.

Fun Fact: All artwork featured on this website are my personal works of art.

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Art Therapy

“Art can permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist.”

-Eileen Miller


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What Clients are Saying

"I find Ellen to be a warm, caring and brilliant art therapist. I felt perfectly comfortable to be guided by her and the session left me feeling grounded, comforted and supported. She created an effortless space for me to feel safe and easy steps to do personal work using creative methods.i look forward to session number two."

- Michelle J.

"I have always wanted to be a writer and took some writing classes but there was something holding me back- a lack of newness and vitality. When I needed some more hands on help, I knew Ellen could draw my gifts out with her creativity as an artist, writer and musician. She helped me set goals and break through limitations.Ellen encouraged me to try new ideas and techniques. She helped me with the written word - to describe nature- a passion of mine. It was very helpful and set me in motion. She always leaves me  with key points and encouragement! On top of everything else, it's like having my own personal cheerleader! I enjoy our coaching sessions each week."

-  Roe McN

"I worked with Ellen for several months and she helped me dig deep into my own perceptions and thoughts that were creating challenges in my professional and personal life. During our time together, Ellen taught me strategies to change my mindset, consider how my past experiences impact my decision-making, and develop goals and action steps to move me forward. I highly recommend Ellen if you are seeking a transformational experience."

- M.B. PhD Ed

"I enjoyed my sessions with Ellen and found them helpful for planning my life's desired goals. Ellen has strong active listening skills and an insightful, warm communication style.  She partnered with me to get through my procrastination and develop a plan that worked for me.  Highly recommend! "

- Linda W.


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